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Foundation "-Macedonia"

“e-Classrooms” Project

The “e-classrooms” Project aims to provide the socially disadvantaged citizens with free basic knowledge about the work with computers. The trainings are underway and they are implemented via three centres in Macedonia in which the socially disadvantaged citizens attend classes on which they will learn how to use Word, Excel, e-mail and internet.

In 2012, the “e-Macedonia” Foundation announced a tender for the implementation of the “e-classrooms” Project in order to enable the socially disadvantaged citizens to freely obtain basic knowledge about the work with computers.
 For the purposes of the implementation of the project, cooperation was requested with local NGOs that implement activities for provision of assistance to the socially isolated groups.
Out of the total of 10 organizations that applied, the following three were selected as partners for this project:
1.      Association for advancement of the status of the women in Macedonia “Women’s Action” Radovis
2.      Educational Centre Algoritam Centre DOOEL Skopje
3.      National Electronic Network Centre for IT, educational, scientific, ecological and technical support Skopje 
The support of the Foundation for this project consists of financial support for the opening of e-classroom, technical support with equipment for implementation of the classes, as well as internet connection for full functioning of the equipment.


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