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Foundation "-Macedonia"

Projects 2006

1. Interactive Education and Resource Network IMOR

  • Designing interactive web site necessary for the realization of the web-based learning project.

2. Cultural Institution “Blesok" - Skopje  

  • Issuing the e-magazine “Blesok – literature and other arts” – www.blesok.com.mk  

3. Citizens Association “Junona”, www.culture.in.mk   

  • Enabling access to the archives of the culture related articles available on www.culture.in.mk

 4. Roma Humanitarian and Charity Association (HDZR) "KHAM" - Delcevo

  • Electronic connection of non-government organizations in the Eastern region of the Republic of Macedonia.  

5. Association of citizens with diabetes in the Municipality of Prilep (ZGDOP)

  • e-participation in the diabetes (EPD)

 6. Psychosocial Support and Mental Health Care Centre

  • Support of the social club “Psychosocial Support and Mental Health Care Centre” intended for intellectually challenged persons and persons using psychiatric services. 

7. Open the windows, Skopje, Macedonia

  • Improvement of the quality of the association’s activities (organizing various events, press conferences, trainings and presentations on the access information technology for disabled persons).

8. Agro Link Macedonia  

  • Creating network and database for the farmers-producers of early vegetable  

9. Information Technology Development Foundation - Youth Information Centre - Skopje

10. Institutional Development Centre  

  • Creating a complete and functional team of e-riders for the purpose of training on the use of the information technology and tools in the operation of the NGOs.  

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