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The “e-Macedonia” Foundation Skopje (hereinafter referred as to “the Foundation”), on the basis of Article 7 of the Statute, as well as on the basis on the Programme for Operation and Action of the Foundation for the year 2015, hereby publishes:


On the collection of requests for support of projects to be assisted by the “e-Macedonia” Foundation Skopje (with full or partial coverage of the costs) as part of the “e-Classrooms" project.

  1. The submitted requests for support should pertain to projects for opening an e-Classroom where the target group will learn to work with computers (Word, Excel, etc.), will gain knowledge about the advantages of the Internet, the e-mail, etc.
    Target group are the socially disadvantaged persons.

  2. The Foundation will provide technical support with equipment for Virtual desktop infrastructure, as well as internet connection for the functioning thereof. The technical equipment is owned by the Founder of the Foundation - Makedonski Telekom AD Skopje, and it is to be returned after the completion of the project.

  3. The training for work with computers is to be implemented by experts.

  4. The funds donated by the Foundation for full or partial support for the opening of an "e-Classroom" are in an amount of up to EUR 4,000. One applicant may apply for opening of one "e-Classroom". In 2015, two “e-Classrooms” will be supported.

  5. Entitled to submit a project based on this announcement are all the organizations that are registered in the Republic of Macedonia and which within their activities and objectives implement activities aimed at helping the socially isolated people or care about the improvement of the conditions in the information society;

  6. The organizations that will apply for support from the Foundation are to submit:

    • Preliminary documentation

      • A photo-copy of the current status from the Central Register of the Republic of Macedonia (not older than 6 months)

    • Documentation for the project

      • A Project Plan prepared in accordance with the application, submitted in 2 copies (1 in Macedonian and 1 in English), and 1 electronic pdf version on kontakt@e-makedonija.org.mk

        • You can download the application here.

      • Deadline for realization of the project should be latest 15.12.2015

      • The Board of the Foundation will make the selection from the submitted requests for support based on the following:

        - the contribution of the project to the improvement of the skills for working with computers of the socially isolated groups;
        - duration of the project;
        - previous experience in realization of similar projects;
        - involvement of experts in the project

  1. Deadline for the Submission of the Requests: 26.06.2015;
    The requests are to be submitted in a sealed envelope marked "For the “e-Macedonia" Foundation Skopje - “e-Classrooms" project - Announcement No. 01/2012" exclusively through registered mail to the following address: Makedonski Telekom AD Skopje, Kej 13 Noemvri, no.6, Skopje

  2. The Foundation undertakes to submit a response to all the submitted requests for support by 14.08.2015 at the latest;

  3. The Foundation will sign a contract with the organizations whose projects will be fully or partially supported;

  4. The Foundation reserves the right not to select any of the projects for which assistance is requested.


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